Christmas has come and gone and greetings of happy and prosperous new year fill the air. it’s in almost every card and every email or text message we’ve received so far. But wait! Let it sink in, what does a new year entail? What does 2012 entail? What does it stand for, what does it represent in our lives?

2012 is a wrapped gift given to us, a BIG wrapped gift. Opening the first wrapped gift, we find another wrapped gift and within that wrapped gift, another one and another and another, until we reach the very last of the gifts on December 31st! 2012 is full of possibilities and opportunities .its full of obstacles behind which great treasures lie. Its full of great memories and decisions that will change our lives for good. 2012 will be a great year for you and me if we believe, and of course, just like other years, there will be challenges but God has promised to not tempt us beyond that which we can handle. We must forgive ourselves however of previous mistakes of yester years and make up our minds to learn from the ones we make in 2012. As humans, we do and will make mistakes from time to time but the advantage of the believer is that when we make this mistakes, somehow God will make it all work for our good! 🙂 Now that’s something to smile about.

There are abundant blessings in this year for you and me, but we must do our part to make it come to fruition. In order to get the most out of this year, here are a few tips we should try to adhere to.

  1. GOALS: What do you intend to achieve this year all things being equal? Am not talking about resolutions we never keep, am talking about something deep that you’re willing to sacrifice for, to strive for. Goals don’t always have to be stereotyped, sometimes they are just questions that we ask ourselves and ponder upon deeply for the answers, afterwhich we come up with a plan on how to achieve them. Goals are not wishes,they are objectives that we’re willing to work towards achieving.
  2. LOVE: “do unto others as you would have others do unto you”(Jesus) vice versa,”do not do to your fellow brother what you do not want done to you”(Confucius). These are sayings we’re conversant with. This year make an extra endeavor to treat people the way you would love to be treated if you were in their shoes. The taxi driver, the security man, the janitor, they’re all human and in passing love to them, you open the heavens over you life,flooding it with favour and love more abundantly. Remember also that we can give without loving but we cant love without giving. Giving doesn’t have to be something big,a smile,an email, a hug, a compliment, a good tip, prayers,are some of the inexpensive gifts that we can give to others this year.
  3. DEVOTION: devotion to God our maker, we must build our relationship with Him if we are to enjoy His abundance of blessings. This can be achieved in several ways,a few would be to pray more(talking to Him more), studying His word more and making the effort to act based on His word. Our motto in this area this year should be,’let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight o Lord.’
  4. HARDWORK: Faith without works is useless. This is always the missing link in most resolutions,that’s why it doesn’t work. It takes effort to bring anything meaningful to reality. A caption from one of my favorite poems says “theres no easy path to glory,theres no rosy road to fame,life however you may view it,is no simple parlour game.” How true that statement is. It takes hardwork to implement our goals,to act out love to others and to build a relationship with our God. We live in an era where only action is rewarded,this, hardwork, is the last piece that brings the puzzle all tgether.


    Well, so we’ve looked at just four tips that can help us make the most of this year, bt I tell you, put these four to practice and you”ll be way ahead of a large percentage of the human population this year.



About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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