Gratitude is a virtue that is fast going into extinction in this generation where we feel everything is our right! Its our right to be fed, it’s our right to be clothed, it’s our right to be helped, but wait a second, those so called rights can be taken away anytime ,in fact, no one is going to be punished for not letting have those rights. Think how different and easier life would be if we begun to see those rights as privileges. Gratitude brings favour into our lives, it brings unexpected blessings, and it makes people happy. Based on all these, I sat down and thought about the fifty things I’m grateful for in my life and certainly there are more than fifty but these came out tops. Enjoy!

  1. I’m alive
  2. I’m healthy
  3. Safe journeys
  4. My current boyfriend is for realJ
  5. My ex is still begging me for a comeback
  6. I’ve added some weight
  7. My dad didn’t deny my pregnancy.
  8. Mom didn’t abort me
  9. My complexion is cool
  10. My personality
  11. I love eating beans and there’s plenty of it in the world!
  12. I finally discover my passion, writing
  13. I haven’t been directly affected by any bomb blast
  14. I’m in a country that doesn’t experience natural disasters
  15. I have a brain and I know how to use it
  16. I’m not below the poverty line
  17. When my school closed its doors by striking, God opened another door for me through blogging
  18. I have two healthy eyes, omigosh! Am actually typing this out in the dark
  19. Some of my friends are traitors, they’ve betrayed me and I’ve gained experienced from that.
  20. I’ve got a dry sense of humor
  21. I did my mammogram, I’m free!
  22. I know how to wink and how to stick my tongue out
  23. For the holiday seasons! Christmas especially..
  24. Even though my dad refuses to pay my fees, my mom does pay it.
  25. I look so much like my dad, he can’t ever deny I’m his.
  26. I can sing. You may not share my opinion but when I sing in the shower,I know I could compete at American idol.
  27. I know how to paint my nails.
  28. When I go to toilet, everyone in the entire house has no choice but to go for a strollJ at least they get to exercise.
  29. I don’t have a one figure ,I’ve got big boobs, now you know am a girl
  30. I can go three days without water. It helps if I ever get trapped in a desert.
  31. I have a roof over my head
  32. I have sweaters, jackets and a blanket to protect me from the cold.
  33. God has promised me a future and a hope.
  34. I have my share of challenges and I come out victorious from most of them.
  35. I have a blog and I’m blogging with you wonderful people.
  36. I have 32 teeth, you can see them when I smile
  37. That damn iron has shocked me twice but I survived.
  38. The opportunity to be a blessing in the lives of some people.
  39. I’m no more bothered about accommodation in the hostel, because I now have a beautiful apartment off campus.
  40. Did I mention my new apartment has a big kitchen with a sink in it and a bathroom for two with a good looking wc toilet?
  41. My class is no longer so crowded, so I can come in late and still get a seat. What a relief.
  42. I don’t have any carryovers in school though I’m studying chemistry, only God knows how I found myself there. Just trying to get a degree.
  43. I’m grateful for my phone, it’s such a good phone.
  44. I’m grateful for my laptop.
  45. I’m grateful for the modem I’ll be getting soon. This is like briberyJ Thanking before you receive.
  46. I know that there’s no shame in tears.
  47. I’m grateful to God for giving me me!
  48. For my improving appetite
  49. For you who has taken time to read all these stuff.
  50. I’m lso grateful for those of you who will comment on these! Love y’all.

About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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