Yes ,this could be the year, the year when the rapture takes place, the year when life as we know it ends, this could be that year when we all stand for judgment, when the anti Christ makes itself known. Before Christ died, he left us a comprehensive list of things that were to happen preceding the end of the world and the truth is that we have seen most if not all of those signs. The wars, riots, hatred amongst men, betrayal, distrust even within the same family. Rumors of war, natural disasters, love of many waxing cold, idolatry taking hold, mammon (god of money) ruling the hearts of men. These and more were the prophecies of Jesus Christ and we have seen them coming to pass. Nostradamus, a visionary of old whose visions have been said to come to pass, like he saw the Adolf Hitler era, he saw the world war two and other similar world events that have come to pass. He also saw the end of the world, and based on researches by certain white scientists, it could be this year, 2012, because he spoke of solar eclipse, I think the third or fifth being the one that ends the world and the scientists have found out that the final eclipse is expected to be towards the end of this year. You think this is all just spiritual jabbering? NASA in their constant study of the sun are concerned that recently the sun has been unusually quiet, they fear that it may be warming up for what is called a solar flare. Solar flare occurs when two fields on the solar system release their pent up magnetic energy, it’s usually like a twisted rubber ball suddenly snapping. The last time a solar flare occurred, it hit Texas and they had no electricity for a period of one year after it hit. Scientists fear that this time it may be bigger than that. From research it also turns out that the earth does have an expiring date which may just turn out to be December 2012.The movie titled 2012 just goes to show that I’m not the only one with this absurd idea of 2012 being the last year for humanity. i do not believe it totally but based on the above facts and more that I cannot divulge for now, I have to allow a tiny little bit of my heart to ponder on the probability that this could really be the line up to the end.

In light of all these, we must check our ways. This may not be the last year, but if it turns out to be, you don’t want to be caught unawares, do you? This is therefore the time to forgive and to seek forgiveness from those you’ve offended. This is the time to extend love constantly to your neighbors, to set your priorities right knowing that your relationships are of far more value than money, this is the time to realize that your family and friends love who you are and want to spend more time with you not what you have. This is the time to build your relationship with God,I’m not talking about religion, I’m talking about a you and God relationship on a personal level. This is the time to impact those around you, to help those you can, to be your best for whatever happens. Make a decision this year to really make this year count for you and for others that are connected to you directly or indirectly.i just made my decision, what are you waiting for?


About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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  1. !!YaZ!! says:

    Yes! I believe that all of us should look back at what we say and what we do in LIFE…
    and re-evaluate it…
    end of the world or NOT
    I think we need to do that
    civility, and moralities have been going down the drain for a while…

  2. Olutayo Ajayi says:

    2012 is the beginning of the end, not the actual end.

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