Lately I’ve been really busy, you know the start of a new year and a lot of unrest in my country. Muslims bombing Christians, the government just removed fuel subsidy with no plan in place, prices of everything have skyrocketed, protesters who went to peacefully demonstrate against the subsidy removal were beaten and chased away by the police, wounding over three hundred people and killing one, many are still in police custody. Anyway that aside, to our topic, what’s in your hand?

A lot of times we have our dreams but we are very reluctant in pursuing them, we give ourselves excuses upon excuses, if we were as brilliant as she is or had rich parents like he has or if we were as favored as our next door neighbor, it would be easier for us to achieve our dreams. How many times have we all caught ourselves daydreaming about winning the lottery or wondering if we had a rich relative who would suddenly die and will to us a bulk of money and then we will be on our way to fulfilling our dreams. Those are pleasant distractions friend, if such happens, fine but wouldn’t it be better to start making our own way before then? No one on earth was born without the innate tools to fulfill our purpose on earth, to achieve our God given dreams. We don’t all have the same tools, just as you don’t see a mechanic using a hammer and a caterer using pliers or a carpenter using a mixer. Our tools are based on our callings. The problem is that sometimes we admire the other person’s tools so much that we begin to think that since we don’t have their tool that means we don’t have tools at all right? Wrong.

We can’t all be singers or musicians just the same way we can’t all be presidents or mayors or governors. We can’t all be athletes and we can’t all be computer wizards, but hand in hand, we all make the world go round. Have you ever taken the time to look at the Forbes list of the fifty or twenty most successful people? If you have, then you would have certainly noticed that they are not all into the same business. What does that tell you? They have different tools but they have used those tools to achieve success. Oprah Winfrey and Donald trump are both successful, they’ve both got money and influence, but they don’t do the same business. Now, having realized these facts, take a look once more at your goals and your dreams, have you done that? Good. Now take a look at yourself, your true self, what is in your hand that can help you achieve your dreams? Can you dance? Can you make people laugh? Can you sing? Can you write? Are you good at public speaking? Are you good with children? These are a few of the things in our hands that we never realize. Some people like to call it passion,that may be clearer to you. When I started to look for my tools, it wasn’t easy, I hit a road block everywhere I turned. I was throw out of the choir because my voice wasn’t good enough, I couldn’t find my strengths or anything I could say I was exceptional at, I couldn’t find anything I would willingly give up my sleep for, so I decided to ask a couple of close friends, what would you say I was good at or really liked doing? And writing kept popping up! Now I have a blog and some nights I find myself typing into the night! What I’m trying to say is that if you are finding it hard to discover your tools, you can ask your family and friends and keep census of their answers, the one that pops up more could probably be your tool.

A lot of times ,our blesses are not far from us, they are with us, in us, we just have to look into ourselves, to discover what is in our hands and so harness it in order to bring our dreams to reality. The goddess of good luck only pours her blesses on the man of action. As you find your tools and begin to put them to work, the goddess of good luck will pour blesses upon the work of your hands, and it shall definitely prosper.

Please drop your comments, I’d very much love to know what you feel and think about these, questions, contributions and criticisms are all welcome. You can also follow me on twitter @danieDfabulous, where you’ll get some inspiring quotes that will help you through the hard and good moments of your life. Have a great year ahead!


About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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