If i have been able to see any further, it’s because i have stood on the shoulders of a giant” (Sir Isaac Newton)

This is a great deal what mentoring is all about, standing on the shoulders of giants. Who are giants? Giants are not necessarily people physically taller or huger than you and i, they are people who have made their mark in different areas of life, people who have forged ahead despite hard circumstances and have left their foot prints in the sands of time. They are people of the past and the present who have made positive impact in their fields. They don’t have to be famous, they just need to have that spark in their eyes, that sprint in their steps, that makes you want to do something good for humanity, that makes you want to make a difference. It could be your grandpa or your grandma, it could be that uncle or aunty, perhaps that lady in the church or even the pastor, it could be someone at school, a teacher perhaps or even your coach! Really? Yes. They are called mentors, role models, stars but i love to refer to them as giants. There is no specific place to find a giant, it depends on the area in which you want that giant. A giant can only show you things in his or her field (Michael Jordan could help you grow iin basket ball, but he wouldn’t be so effective in teaching you fashion or entrepreneurship). That’s why you would be better off choosing a giant in your field i.e. career wise or dream wise. Preferably, your giant should be someone you can see and talk to, someone you can ask questions and receive answers fast, if he can’t be there body and soul, then as an alternative, have his books, read them, listen to his tapes, email him. Every journey is easier when we do it together, two is always better than one. By standing on the giants shoulder, we see further than our pairs, thereby succeeding easier and sometimes faster than they.


Choosing a giant is a big responsibility, but sometimes we fail to recognize this fact. No one leaves you the same. You are either moving forward or backward as a result of your association with any person, that’s why choosing a giant must be taken seriously. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before choosing a person as your giant.

  1. Has he or she attained what I wish to attain? Has he or she achieved his dreams?
  2. Does she have the character traits that I would love to see in myself? Is he or she a positive person? A person of integrity, a person that keeps his words?
  3. Does he or she have the capability to teach me all I need to know in order to be where she is? Is he a good teacher or coach? Does he have the necessary experience?
  4. Is she or he willing to teach me? This particular question is important because someone who sees you as a competition won’t want to teach you all they know. You need someone who is confident of their standing, someone who doesn’t mind you surpassing them, someone who is selfless in teaching you.

Please drop your comments , I will certainly love to hear your opinions on this and your suggestions as well. Thanks, I remain Daniella on foreveryoungdotme.wordpress.com



About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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