Yeah I know that topic just jumps right out. But seriously, what are you thinking? What keeps going through your mind constantly? What do you seem to meditate endlessly on? Do you know that you created your present position in life partly by your thoughts? Either through focused thinking or disorganized thinking? Let me tell you a story, when I was a kid, I was in the primary school then, the head girl of the school, a class mate of mine transferred to a different school and as cocky as I was, I thought there could not be a better candidate for the position than me but to my surprise the post was given to another classmate of mine, I didn’t care ,I told everyone at home that I was the new head girl and boy did they praise me! They never discovered the truth, I occasionally thought about it and fantasized about being the head girl. Anyway I went off to a boarding secondary school and guess what! I became the head girl (senior prefect) of my school. A typical example of the power of our thoughts *wink*.

I came across a proverb that inspired this article, I want to share it with you.

Keep your thoughts positive because your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behavior. Keep your behavior positive because your behavior becomes your habit. Keep your habit positive because your habit becomes your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny.

The power of thoughts is a mystery of life, the fact that great achievements begin with a tiny thought is a mystery but well, it’s true because it has worked for many and I am convinced that it will work for you too if you walk it. A thought is like the tiny rudder on the ship, it’s like that small hole that can sink a mighty ship. A thought can make or break you, it can determine how far you go in life, and it can stop you short despite your hardest efforts. That’s why we must never let our thoughts slide, we must take hold of our thoughts and be conscious of what is going through our minds. Knowing the power of our thoughts, we should use it to our advantage, use it to get the life we want, to get whatever it is we want, whatever our heart desires.

As you begin to take note of your thoughts, you will discover if your thoughts are positive or negative, if they are pulling you towards or away from your dreams. If they are positive and working in your favor, you should re-enforce them but if they are negative, you should begin to work towards stirring them in the right direction. Surely it’s not a day’s task, but every day you will experience small victories, really tiny at first, but something will be changing within you as you strive towards changing thought direction.

How can you change your thought direction?

  • Be careful what information you let go into your mind. Not every book or magazine has to be read, not every tv station is worth watching and not all music is worth listening to.
  • Your association matters. Most times the people around us help mold our opinion on a lot of things including who we are! That’s why you can’t just let everyone advise you, you can’t tell just anyone your dream and your vision because they could crush it and make you begin to think wrong thoughts that will complete the crushing process they’ve started.
  • Let your mirror help you tutor yourself. Each time you stand before that mirror, use your words to infuse the right thoughts into your heart. No matter what anyone has told you, as you stand before that mirror, tell yourself how great you are, how brilliant your dream is, use positive confession to infuse the right thoughts into your heart.
  • The power of the Word of God can never be under estimated. It infuses faith into you, a strong knowing that with the help of God, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.
  • The place of prayer is also important. Talking to a power higher than you, a power soo strong, a power that rules not just your destiny but that of everyone around you. Talking to God is the most amazing way to direct your thought positively. I saved the best for the last*smile*.


    These are just five ways, there are more ways but starting with these few will set you well on the path to a positive mindset filled with positive thoughts that will pull you to the achievement of your dreams. Never again play with your thoughts because they have tremendous power.


    I love to hear from you, to interact with you, so please leave your comments, observations and criticisms.


About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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