Dear Me,

I know you had expected to hit jackpot by now but well, here we are, still in the fight, still on the journey, closer however than we were when we first began. Life has happened fast and hard and to be honest, you weren’t prepared for some of the shocks and rude awakenings to your personality and the way the world operates, which you got. You have been poor at handling a lot of things and decisions, you have been wrong in choosing certain people as your friends because they have led you far from your dreams and goals. Your handling of finances has been shocking as your obsession with shopping has made you quite extravagant. You have also been hardly true to your words, setting goals that you wouldn’t strive so hard to achieve as though you were suffering from a disease called apathy or indifference.

It’s not too late for you however. Whenever you wake up, that’s your morning. I know you have become confused these days, not sure what path your life will follow, I know you have been battling with focus, not sure what exactly it is you want to do and so expending your energy in so many places, reducing the effectiveness. Heck, you don’t even know what particular content to put on your blog. Anyway, I still believe in you because you have a strong determination to succeed and that’s a good place to begin from. When I look into your eyes, I see someone with dreams of making life better for as many people especially women and children in distress like widows, orphans, kids from less privileged homes and abused ladies. I feel that passion and desire in your heart to leave this world a lot better than you met it, a lot better than it is right now and that is a great place to begin.

The desire and dream is however not enough, you must want it enough for your subconscious mind to feel your need for it. You must want it enough to begin to live a life of discipline as it is with all champions and achievers. You must want it enough to begin preparing towards it in character and speech and looks. You must want it enough to begin to stay late nights researching on it and finding ways to achieve it and making plans on how to achieve it. You must want it enough to begin to work both physically and mentally towards its manifestation.

You are a great person and I know you will do great things, but do you believe in yourself? Do you believe you are a great person? Because I can’t catch the vision and the fire for you, you have to catch the fire yourself and run with that fire, run till you get to that finish line, where i will be waiting for you with a smile that says, I’m proud of you. Don’t disappoint me Dee.

I love you now and always,



About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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