My extrovert bff is constantly getting on my nerves. Actually, every extrovert I know gets on my nerves because I feel life isn’t fair to my introvert self and yet it gives a free hand to almost all extrovert people I know. Almost all extroverts I know get married so soon and the introverts have to wait for a miracle for that prince charming or princess to come to their rescue (a shocking number don’t last in the marriage, but they still got married first and that pricks me). I mean I get one guy at a time and I stay as faithful as can be and he still walks out on me while my extrovert bff gets like ten guys at once, jugs them successfully and gets them to keep doing her biddings years later. She says it’s her seduction style that helps her do this but I still insist that it’s her extrovertish nature, her natural ability to handle people.

I used to ask guys what sort of lady they wanted to end up with, their replies all went something like; a lady who loves to party, a lady who most of my family members like, a lady who is really funny, a lady who is fun to hang out with, a lady who can totally transform a boring Saturday into something as exciting as a Friday night, bla bla bla …. I got tired of hearing all that because it clearly describes an extrovert, I did the next most intelligent thing I could do, stop asking. It’s not like am jealous or anything but my extrovert bff already has three jobs waiting for her and two fiancés to choose from and I HAVE GOT NOTHING! Am not mad, it’s just so unfair. So yes, I hate going to parties often, and yes, I don’t always initiate conversation with strangers and yes I’m hardly ever the life of the party, I mostly just blend to the background much like the legs of the chair in the monalisa paintings. Uuuuurrrggghhhh, that’s not fun.

But what really pricks me is the fact that my mom is also an extrovert and boy does she hate me cause I aint one. I don’t give a damn though (secretly, I do). Anyway, so after busting and ranting about the frustrations of not being an extrovert, I’m still an introvert! And it’s cool a lot of times, there’s an air of mystery around it and ooooohh I love mystery, I put my nose in those mystery novels and I have to be dragged to the dining table to eat (that annoys most of the extroverts in my life), but they will never know the pleasure of being lost in another world where the distinctions are minimal as they are more interested in the real world.

And before I leave, please don’t be cruel to the introvert, we’re just being us. Don’t send your dogs after us and don’t call the cops if you see us. I know we can be weird but the world is so much the world with us in it!


About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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  1. Abdul says:

    Interesting write up, kudos! Just try and come out of your ‘shell’ frm time to time!

  2. Emeka says:

    love this… would love to meet you

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