How many times have you wished to just wake up one morning and find you’re successful? Many. How many times have you wished to just wake up one morning and find that you are super rich? Many. How many times have you wished to just wake up and find out that you’re famous? Many. Yes, many times I have felt that way. I mean Justin Bieber wasn’t always on TV and all of a sudden I wake up one morning and BOOM! He’s everywhere on every channel, playing on every radio station. We all like to think about overnight successes but sorry to bust your bubble (and mine), there’s no such thing as an overnight success.

Lately as I have begun to read different biographies of successful people, I have discovered that success doesn’t just happen. Most times the beginning of success (i.e. when you pay the price) is greeted with obscurity. The cameras aren’t there when the race begins, when the swim against life’s torrents begin. The cameras aren’t there through the formative period and so on the day when you claim your prize, it seems overnight, and it seems you just popped out of nowhere. A model at the peak of her career was referred to as an overnight success and she laughed and said “I am a ten years overnight success!”. It stunned me. So for ten years she had been preparing to emerge but no one noticed or gave a damn and now they just felt she was an overnight success!

I used to think that beauty pageants were a piece of cake. I mean it’s just about making up your face, wearing a pretty cloth and cat walking with smiles while waving the audience. What could be so hard about that, right? Wrong. I discovered my folly as I begun to read an eBook I just downloaded from this week, titled BEAUTY QUEENS by LIBBA BRAY.(Will give a review on it at a later time, maybe another article when I’m done reading it) This book opened my eyes to see the challenges in something I felt was so easy. I mean these girls starve themselves to be skinny. They couldn’t be themselves most of the time because they just had to act in a way that society termed appropriate. They had to smile even when they felt horrible inside. Some of them went on anti depressants just because they were to never be in a bad mood. They couldn’t, weren’t allowed to face reality because they had to always be what the world said “positive” people. As I pored into their lives, I realized how difficult and alone most of them felt. I realized how much like acting it was. I began to wonder if I could go through it all and not break. Some of them had to change their personalities to fake ones because their handlers felt their real personalities weren’t beauty queen worthy. But all we see are the smiles on the stage, all we see are the pretty clothes and the glamour. We don’t see the strength of these girls, the hours of exercising and practicing.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Yes, this is my journey to success and I’m glad I called it so because it really is a journey. Yours and my efforts to be better people won’t be met with applause now, but it’s a process. We shouldn’t get discouraged if we are not recognized three four months from now. It doesn’t happen that way. It may even take several years for our efforts to be noticed but the catch is to faithfully and committedly pursue our dreams with or without applause.

No one knew Bill Gates when he began working on the Microsoft program. No one knew or applauded Oprah when she first entered TV broadcasting. It takes time to emerge. This season where you work on your own towards the prize is needed so that you can be strong and make decisions independent of the crowd. It’s like you’re in a cocoon. You are, I am, we are that beautiful butterfly in the caterpillar stage. We are trying to break this shell and come out but we need to do it on our own. A little help and we will emerge too weak and our emerging becomes a nightmare rather than a glory.

There’s no such thing as an overnight success, so stop wishing it. Put your head down and work towards the prize faithfully even before the camera sets its light on you. We can do it because we are winners, born great and born to do great things. We will leave our footprints in the sands of time. I know we can, and we will. So work away, whether you’re complimented or not, whether you’re recognized or not, whether you’re awarded or not. Work whether you’re booed or not, in the end you will emerge and we will all clink our glasses of champagne together as we celebrate at the top and share our stories of triumph with each other.

Love yyou all, bye.

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About Danny Smile

Am a lady who is conversant with how life gets stressful sometimes.i wanna encourage you n in so doing, encourage myself to keep loving life and living to the fullest!!

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